Change Of Habit Movie Review

I'm hard-pressed to remember a film worse than Change of Habit, a movie which features the following:

- Elvis Presley (in his final movie role) as a singing doctor in a free urban clinic- Mary Tyler Moore as a nun and nurse- A plot which features said nurse and her friends "going undercover" in said doctor's clinic, and- The inevitable romance between Elvis and Mary.

This movie is so bad it is unwatchable. The songs are atrocious (you won't recognize a single one), the acting is pathetic -- even Moore can't save this project from devolving into utter sap and crap.

A desperate attempt to cash in on the brief and strange resurgence in all things Elvis, Change of Habit is unfortunately a lowlight in The King's career. Now, it's also a lowlight in my video library.


As in, dropped like a bad one...

Cast & Crew

Director : William A. Graham

Producer :


juliepresleyfan's picture


I believe strongly that this is a great film, and showed Elvis talents as a Actor, there are a lot worse ive seen in todays films.And worse actors too, yes i know it probabley isnt exactly acadamy award material but it holds its own and is still enjoyed today.Elvis was not a bad actor but had a load of bad scripts he had to do, Change of Habit could have become a regular series in its day like doctor marcus welby has one recognisable Elvis song ,if you watch the bit where he is playing the piano after painting, he is sort of trying to hum Lawdy Miss Clawdy.I love the film always have always will, it has pride of place in my DVD and Video collectionjulie joyce TCB

8 years 10 months ago
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triplete1958's picture


I think this review is a little harsh. Elvis was a great singer/entertainer and the plot never mattered much to his followers, as long as he sang...anything! Elvis was a one of a kind...he was a King in the music business. I don't think anyone should be throwing stones...I don't see you up on the big screen, let alone doing anything memorable! Please be repectful, he still has family who have to live with your remarks! Thank You...and the movie was typical of all Elvis movies....not that he ever wanted to play those parts! His fans made him and they dictated what movies he would have to put the remarks where they belong...Have a great day.

3 years 8 months ago
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Premise Janice's picture

Premise Janice

Elvis looks smooth in this film as always and Mary tyler more seems heavenly. More Elvis eye candy.

8 years 6 months ago
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chadwick's picture


i have watched a change of habit many times and have always enjoyed watching it, in fact its one of the better story lines given to Elvis. we all are entitled to our own opinions, it be a boring world if we all liked the same.

6 years 5 days ago
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itecnews's picture


I love the movie. I love all Elvis Presley`s movies

6 years 11 months ago
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john saxon's picture

john saxon

A bit over the top saying that Change of Habit is such a bad film. It isn't. It was one of the last 4 movies Elvis made that try to change and improve his image. Though ignored at the time, partly due tohis '68 special and hit singles,it contained elements and situations never featured in an Elvis film before. Elvis looked good, nicely slimmed downand did his best with this part. Best known song is 'Rubberneckin', just recently remixed too. Judging any movie has to be put in it's time perspective and in this case 1969.If we want to talkabout BAD Elvis movies, think of Harem Scarum, Double Trouble,Easy Come Easy Go.

7 years 2 weeks ago
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Change Of Habit Rating

" Unbearable "

Rating: G, 1969


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