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It's obvious the reviewer hasn't taken the time to find out about Dora Carrington nor her prominance as a painter today. He also ought to read something (and there are many books) about Carrington, Strachey and their relationship as well as art books published about Carrington's work. One of the well known facts about Carrington was that she never exhibited her paintings and thus remained obscure; this is why her story needs to be told. She is recognized now as a extremely good artist who was possibly held back by her attachment to Strachey. The film isn't completely accurate about their real-life relationship; there were for example long periods when they did not live together. Their lifestyle was quite typical of the Bloomsbury group. As for her hair (a facetious set of comments by the reviewer) Carrington did in fact wear her hair in the same style all her life. It suited her and, I would say, it suited Emma Thompson pretty well too. The apparent ignorance of this reviewer is apparent.

7 years 3 months ago
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