Blind Dating Movie Review

Here's a description of Blind Dating for you to imagine: it's American Pie meets The Miracle Worker with a dash of Scent of a Woman and just a touch of Missisippi Masala. Got it?

Danny (Chris Pine), a good-looking young man who happens to be blind, doesn't want anyone's pity and doesn't really need it. Bolstered by a loving family and the support of his perpetually horny brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas), he's making his way through life just fine and can even often get from point A to point B without using a cane.

Danny's main problem seems to be that his therapist (Jane Seymour), caring though she may be, can't control her compulsion to strip whenever he's in her office. Danny, who is well aware she's doing it, finds it amusing but frustrating. Women in general give him a bit of trouble because his dates can't help but feel sorry for him. For Danny, every date is a pity date, and he's tired of it. Larry keeps trying to set him up, but Larry also has a tendency to hire prostitutes to fill the bill, and that rightly pisses Danny off.

In the film's best scene, Danny goes to great lengths to go on a first date without letting the woman know he's blind. He clumsily makes it through dinner, but when they're home alone together the wheels inevitably begin to come off, and that's a shame because the woman in question is more than a little hot and bothered. Not since Kim Cattrall in Porky's has a woman been hotter to trot.

When Danny signs on for experimental brain surgery that may give him limited vision, he has high hopes for success. At the same time, the doctor's receptionist Leeza (Anjali Jay) has high hopes for a date with Danny, but her Indian-American family has already arranged a marriage for her with a real SOB, so there's no hope for happiness, or is there?

As the title suggests, Blind Dating is sort of a date movie, with Pine's piercing blue eyes for the ladies and hooker jokes for the guys. It ambles along to no great effect but has a few chuckles along the way. No harm, no foul.

We'd like to be seated immediately.

Cast & Crew

Director :

Producer : , Joy Mellins, Costas Theo

Starring : , , , Anjali Jay


Blind Dating Rating

" Weak "

Rating: PG-13, 2006


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