Blast From The Past Movie Review

A great score never hurt anybody, and with its hoppin' swing tunes, Blast From the Past gets quite a boost from a jumping swing soundtrack!

Oh... wait a sec... the movie, right? Well, what are you expecting? Maybe: "Blast From the Past is a thoughtful analysis of Cold War posturing and American paranoia in the 1960's?" I don't think so. Let's try: "Blast From the Past is a feel-good romp about a fish out of water who tries to make sense out of a world gone wacky!"

That'll do just fine. Adam (Fraser) is the fish. The world is late 1990's Los Angeles. The uber-hokey plot builds upon a jet crash-landing in the unborn Adam's backyard on the eve of the Bay of Pigs, sending the folks (Walken and Spacek) down into the enormous fallout shelter below. Convinced it's Armageddon, they hole up for 35 years, and Adam is born -- and raised -- with only his 1960's-mentality folks to guide him.

Then it's time to hit the surface. Naturally, wacky hijinks ensue, including a panicky bus ride, a gay baseball game, a hip dance number, a cult formation, numerous car accidents, and many many many wry observations likening modern life to a post-Apocalyptic wasteland. But not so Apocalyptic that a boy can't find himself a girl (Silverstone)!

Okay, it's funny. I even laughed out loud. More than once. Dave Foley (of course) steals the show as Silverstone's hysterical confidant. Walken as the paranoid, anti-Commie father is also a treat to watch. Fraser isn't bad... very over the top, but not bad. Of course, Silverstone has the acting ability of a can of beets, but hey, nothing's perfect.

Perfect date movie for 1999. But I'm not sure this one will keep for 35 years.

One happy family.


Blast From The Past Rating

" OK "

Rating: PG-13, 1999


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