Billy Rose's Jumbo Movie Review

As circus movies go, Billy Rose's Jumbo isn't a bad one. It is, however, exceptionally long for a circus movie, and even scene-stealing Jimmy Durante can't make the film a true classic.

The film is a classic behind-the-scenes affair, with the inner workings of the struggling circus. The management (including Doris Day and Durante) isn't doing so hot, and a big shot businessman wants to buy the outfit. Of course, they resist, and meantime a mysterious tightrope walker arrives on the scene. How will this all play out? Well, there will be love, tears, and lots of singing. And an elephant.

Though Durante, in his last non-cameo role, rescues much of the picture, his vehicle is overly melodramatic in the end. The circus hijinks are fun, though awfully predictable (the elephant (the titular Jumbo) is hidden in a bale of hay!), and none of the songs get anywhere near classic status.


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Dear SirsI was researching Billy Roses Jumbo because My Grandfather Arthur Sherwood was one of the circus performers in the original play in 1935My Aunt has some pamphlets and I have a few pictures that I have put on my computerI also saw the program she had because thats how I figured out what year this play was done since she wasnt surethank u for your time and I enjoyed your review

6 years 4 months ago
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Billy Rose's Jumbo Rating

" OK "

Rating: G, 1962


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