Back To The Future Part II Movie Review

Back to the Future takes a darker turn with this first of two sequels (which were shot together, perhaps for the first time in film history that more than one film was made simultaneously for a staggered release), in which the relatively quaint and simple time travel arc from BTTF gets far more confusing and, in some ways, more fulfilling. The setup from the first film -- Marty's son is in trouble in 2015 -- turns out to be a MacGuffin and of little consequence. The real point is to get Marty into the future and to get a now aged Biff into the Delorean and back to 1955, where he gives his younger self a sports almanac that lets him instantly become a millionaire through sports betting. This sends Marty back again to 1955, where he has to get the almanac away from Biff while avoiding his other self, who's busy dealing with mom and dad. Time travel starts to get a little mindbending here, and along with its convolutions and ominous tone (Hill Valley is now a dangerous slum), it's not nearly as popular as parts 1 and 3. Still, it's a good film and rewards an attentive viewer with tons of inside jokes and kooky predictions about the future (look at how many fax machines everyone was supposed to have!).

Cast & Crew

Director :

Producer : , Bob Gale


Back To The Future Part II Rating

" Excellent "

Rating: PG, 1989


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