A Perfect Fit Movie Review

Adrian Grenier has become a famous actor by not doing much. In his starring role as Vinny Chase in HBO's Entourage, his main task is to play it cool and quiet while his merry band of buddies runs zany circles all around him. And in The Devil Wears Prada, well, you probably didn't notice him as "the boyfriend."

But Grenier can go all Stanislavski when he has to. In the odd straight-to-video A Perfect Fit, he gets to play a high-voltage psycho, and he has fun with it. Strictly a movie for Grenier completists, it will prove entertaining enough, at least for them.

John (Grenier) is a lowly computer store worker who falls hard for the luscious dance teacher, Sarah (Leila Arcieri), who wanders into his store one day. Tracing her via her credit card, he eventually realizes she's the same girl he's been chatting with online, and when they meet for a date, he starts to lay it on really thick and then follows up with monstrous bouquets of flowers every day. So romantic.

It turns out, however, that John, abandoned as a baby, has some issues and suffers from control-freaky mood swings triggered by his fears of being dumped. Sarah, bowled over by romance, sees none of this. She certainly can't see his recurring dreams, in which he runs to his psychologist's (Polly Draper) office and murders her in cold blood again and again. The guy can't get a good night's sleep.

With the kind of speed you see only in the movies, John and Sarah move in together, get pregnant, get engaged, meet her parents, and begin to bicker. As Sarah starts to detect John's instability and suggests that maybe things are moving too fast, he gets vicious and violent. And when Sarah floats the idea of getting an abortion, John melts down with dangerous results. Grenier is actually pretty great in some of his psycho scenes. He really goes for it, and all your memories of laid-back Vinny Chase will fly out the window.

It's hard not to feel sorry for poor Sarah, who just wants to meet one nice guy, and when she does, he turns out to be bonkers. Such is life in the big crazy city. Happens all the time. You may even know people like Sarah and John. If you do, hide your knives when they come over.

Like a glove. A crazy glove.

Cast & Crew

Director : Ron Brown

Producer : Ron Brown, G. Mac Brown, Alexander Klymko, Elana Pianko


A Perfect Fit Rating

" Grim "

Rating: NR, 2006


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