All The Wrong Places Movie Review

Hey, ever wish you could get inside the mind of today's film school students and see what makes them tick? How their world works? What their relationships are like?

Yeah, me neither.

A movie by New York amateur filmmakers about New York amateur filmmakers cracking wise and talking endlessly about their struggles with "their art"? Shoot me before the first title card, please. Because there are a lot of title cards. And no music*. And a badly animated opening sequence. And a lesbian subplot. And no readily obvious acting ability. Or anything else worth mentioning.

Whit Stillman where have you gone?

*Writer/director Martin Edwards writes to tell us that there are actually two montages with music in the film and that he thinks this review is poorly written and lacking critical thought. A cynic would say there is nothing to be critical about in All the Wrong Places anyway.


All The Wrong Places Rating

" Unbearable "

Rating: NR, 2000


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