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One hell of an oddity, 100 Girls is the bizarre tale of a lovestruck young geek (Jonathan Tucker) who, after a mysterious one-night stand in a darkened elevator, finds himself pining for the girl he connected with on that night. The only problem -- he never saw her face or got her name, but of course she's The One.

Tucker's Matthew embarks on a quest to scour the college dorm in which they met in order to track the mystery woman down. His M.O.: Posing as a maintenance man so he can sneak into the girls' rooms and try to match up a pair of panties she left behind in the elevator. And somehow this is meant to be charming.

Oddly enough, Matthew's antics are so kind-hearted and generally good-natured that it's hard to be offended by his voyeurism, burglaries, and crimes of passion. Along the road of his quest, Matthew of course helps a dozen or so of those 100 girls find a little more meaning in life. The ugly girl (Marissa Ribisi) turns beautiful. The pretty girl (Jaime Pressly) finds her inner self. He saves the alt chick (Emmanuelle Chriqui) from her mean old boyfriend. And he even gets to dress up like a girl!

This would all be a little more believable if Tucker didn't look like a 12-year-old Doogie Howser. His loverboy stunts don't really gel, and any parent would promptly transfer their kid to a new school if they found out about his activities.


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the movie was great,and the artists were the best.id like to connecd with the artists

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100 Girls Rating

" OK "

Rating: R, 2000


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