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Mouthful of Bees
The End
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Mouthful of Bees The End Album

Bands like Blur, The Smiths, The Cure and the Doors were all amazing bands when their singers weren't singing, and all polarised opinion when they were. Mouthful of Bees seem to have tried to solve this challenge by burying the singer deep in the mix. It's not a classic 80s Jesus and Mary Chain 'hidden' either.

He has a good, if not great voice, but the production gives the impression of a not-the-finished-mix release. All that is forgiven, however, because of the incredible quality of the songs - the angular guitars are like some great Johnny Marr/ Graham Coxon duet, and the songs all properly meld rock with punk with breezy pop better than Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and in the manner of Tape n Tapes. The End is youthful, exciting, rock that any Cure or Talking Heads fan would love.


Mike Rea

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