Review of Album by Moulettes

This self-titled release is the debut from Moulettes, a Southampton-based quintet signed to the indie label Balling The Jack and co-operative label Sotones. After playing the summer festival circuit they hit the road again through autumn, including a headline show at The Old Queen's Head in Islington, London.

Moulettes  Album

After a low-profile start, 'Recipe For Alchemy' becomes unexpectedly funky with a vocal sound not far from that of Lily Allen's. The promising start is furthered by the strangely likeable 'Cannibal Song', which embraces traditional Klezmer, but then proceedings decline dramatically. Progressive music is fine, but this is a little bloated and results in boredom, this is the case for many of the remaining tracks. 'Horses For Hearses' and 'Talisman' are examples, and it is all the more disappointing with the lovely violin composition that begins 'Requiem' and the cinematic 'Devil Of Mine'. 'Bloodshed In The Woodshed' provides an injection of quality as the penultimate track, but there is far too much filler which makes the record heavy going.

Alex Lai

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