Motown legends Percy Sledge, Sheila Ferguson and Brenda Holloway will perform at Britain's prestigious Oxford University union for the first time in the college's history.

Producer David Gest is to address students at the revered educational institute, following in the footsteps of former speakers including his late pal Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Dame Judi Dench and Shakira.

Gest will give a talk about the influence of R&B music, and has invited a host of Motown acts to perform - the first time live music has been included in a speech by a well-known figure.

He says, "I am extremely privileged to have been invited to take part in such a prestigious event and follow in the footsteps of my closest childhood friend Michael Jackson. I was with Michael Jackson the evening prior to his address of the Oxford Union and had dinner with him the evening after. I know what that day meant to him and how special it was and I feel very humbled that the Union has asked me to be their guest."

Other acts confirmed to sing at the special event include Shirley Alston Reeves, Eddie Floyd, Billy Paul and Martha Wash.

The speech will take place on 09 February (13).