Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is to be jailed for drunk driving.

The singer in the 'Girls, Girls, Girls' band will serve two weeks in prison and two weeks under house arrest for Driving Under The Influence (DUI) after he was caught over the limit in his Lamborghini in Las Vegas last summer.

The 49-year-old musician has agreed to plead guilty to the misdemeanour offence when he appears before a Las Vegas judge on January 26, and will begin his sentence on February 15.

In statement released by his publicist this week Vince said: "I have recognised that you can't drink and drive at all."

Vince's driving while drunk has got him into trouble before; in 1984 he pleaded guilty to manslaughter after he crashed his car in Redondo Beach, California, killing his 24-year-old passenger Nicholas Dingley, known as Razzle - drummer with the band Hanoi Rocks - and seriously injuring two other people.

He served just 20 days in jail and was ordered to pay $2.5 million in restitution to victims.

Just days before he was caught, Vince said he'd given up drugs 20 years ago and did not drink to excess anymore.

He said: "There's just a point in your life where you kind of stop, that's what happened with me. There's other things in life than just drugs and alcohol."