Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi contemplated suicide when he was cut from the band and dumped by his girlfriend on the same day.

Corabi replaced Vince Neil after the frontman's departure in 1992, but was kicked out in 1997 to make way for the singer's return.

The musician learned he was no longer a member of the rock band when he showed up for a recording session and interrupted a meeting between his bandmates and label representatives.

Corabi admits he was so shocked by his dismissal, he left the building, took a gun out of the glovebox of his car and put it in his mouth.

He rethought his actions and drove home to be with his girlfriend, but instead of supporting him, she walked out.

The singer told his tale of woe on stage during his gig at the Star of Kings music venue in London last week (14Nov12).

He told the audience, "(I saw) a bunch of people wearing suits. I thought, 'Did I not get the email? Are we having a meeting or something?' They were, like, 'Yeah, well, we are and what we have to say is: Crabby, we love you, but, unfortunately, those guys over there, the record company, are not going to support this version of the band. So we have to let you go because we're bringing Vince (Neil) back.'

"I went out and I got into the brand new sports car I had just bought, like, four weeks before, and I opened up the glove (box) and I got the gun and I stuck it in my mouth. Anyway, on the way home, I'm thinking, 'S**t, I'm unemployed, I'm jobless... How am I going to break it to her (my girlfriend)?'

"So I walk into the house and... I say, 'Honey, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is I'm going to be able to spend a lot more time at home with you. The bad news is Motley let me go today so my wallet's going to be a little bit lighter'... At which point, she sat up on the couch... and she said... 'I think I need a little space, I need to focus on my career.'"

In his rant, which was captured on camera and posted online, Corabi goes on to reveal his misery was compounded when he found out his girlfriend married someone else just weeks after their split.

He adds, "About three weeks later, my buddy rings and says, 'What's going on with that chick you were dating? I saw her last night at a movie premiere, with her husband.'

"I started counting. Today's Tuesday. It's been three weeks. She's married? So I started looking for that gun again."