The stars of Motley Crue and Poison appear to have failed to put their past animosities behind them on their joint tour - they rarely see each other at the shows, according to Vince Neil.
The Motley Crue rockers were initially reluctant to tour with the band after Poison frontman Bret Michaels first suggested it, but eventually agreed to the idea after coming under pressure from fans. Nikki Sixx even apologised for derogatory comments he made about Michaels' group.
The joint tour - which also features the New York Dolls - kicked off in March (11), but Motley Crue singer Neil reveals they aren't spending any time with their tourmates.
He tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "When you're on tour together, it's not like you see each other. We don't all hang out in a big room before the show. We get there at all different times. I don't get there until Poison is on stage, and they're usually gone by the time we get off stage".