Review of Go Well Diamond Heart Album by Mostly Autumn

Mostly Autumn have been doing the rounds for about 13 years now and in that time have built up something of a cult following in certain circles. I suppose that their brand of symphonic rock music must be something of an acquired taste.

Mostly Autumn Go Well Diamond Heart Album

There are moments on Go Well Diamond Heart that truly shine. The twin vocal attack - with two great vocalists - and the stripped down acoustic based sections of songs, such as the first verse of opening track For All We Shared. It is a tender opening to a song that grows and grows into a lumbering prog-rock beast.

The main downfall of Go Well Diamond Heart is that it really does strain under the weight of its own pomposity. There's a two minute 'atmospheric' synthesiser build up introduction before the first song even begins which drags and comes across as overly self-indulgent. All of the songs seem to follow a formula of quiet build up into chugging rock juggernaut, which doesn't particularly allow for any diversity between the songs.

Go Well Diamond Heart is a massively overblown record with tons of layers packed on to it. If you like your songs harking back to the fiction of Tolkein, well upwards of radio-friendly times and drenched in cheesy faux-orchestral synthesiser parts, this might well be one for you.

Ben Walton

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