Morrissey took time out from rallying against the British royal family and meat eaters and turned into a Good Samaritan at the weekend, with it being reported that the outspoken musician tended to an elderly lady who collapsed in a bookstore.

Former front man of The Smiths, Morrissey was browsing shelves at New York City's well-known Strand Bookstore, no doubt looking for some Keates or Yates, on Sunday (September 23rd) when a frail customer standing nearby him was taken ill. Acting quickly, the performer knelt down to comfort the confused woman and offered to fetch her some water before staff came to her aid. An onlooker told, "He picked up her stray belongings and asked if he could get her some water or call for help. She declined and collected her things and moved on. But my friend said she touched Morrissey's cheek in gratitude!"

Continuing, they added "Obviously, she didn't know who he was, just was touched by this act of kindness from a nice British man. He seemed very shaken up and flustered by the incident and left the store soon afterwards without buying anything." Which sounds a bit more like the Morrissey we know and love.