Morrissey, ex-frontman of '80s band The Smiths, has been diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and may need surgery. His ill-health renders him unable to continue with his US tour currently, but is expected to return to the stage in February.

As NME reported on Sunday (27th Jan) Morrissey was suspected to have a bladder infection. However as more tests have been done having been admitted to the Beaumont hospital, in Detroit, it has become apparent that the singer in fact has a bleeding ulcer. As his representative, Lauren Papapietro, said in a statement, reported by SkyNews, he's expected to be well again in time to make his February 9th show in Las Vegas. "Morrissey is expected to make a full recovery and thanks everyone concerned for their support during this time." She said, "Morrissey apologises greatly for any and all inconvenience and looks forward to continuing his US tour."

His US tour had already been postponed after he rapidly returned to England to care for his mother, last October. The cities that shows have been cancelled: Asheville, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; Lawrence, Kansas; Clear Lake, Iowa; and Lincoln, Nebraska. It is expected that Morrissey will simply postpone these dates rather than cancelling them entirely.