Morrissey has reportedly cancelled his entire South American tour after suffering ''severe gastric problems''.

The 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' hitmaker went down with food poisoning on the eve of his first gig in the continent in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday (09.07.13) and the singer is now thought to have ''postponed'' all 14 of his scheduled performances.

Rodrigo Perez, Morrissey's Chilean concert promoter, told Radio Cooperativa: ''On Sunday, Morrissey and an entourage of about eight people ate at a restaurant that we had not recommended, with regrettable consequences.

''Within hours, all of them fell sick with severe gastric problems ... The hotel has become like an outpatient clinic. There are people who have not been able to get out of bed for 48 hours.''

While The Smiths frontman hasn't released an official statement detailing what is happening with his South American dates, he appeared to be enjoying his time in Peru last week.

He wrote on his website: ''Humbled beyond belief by my reception here in Lima.

''If Chile, Argentina and Brazil are as giving, I shall ask no more and die happy,'' he went on. ''Peru, Peru - my heart's lighthouse.''

Morrissey's latest health issues comes after he was hospitalised earlier this year suffering from double pneumonia, a bleeding ulcer and gastrointestinal condition Barrett's esophagus. As a result, he had to cancel all of his booked live dates.