What was that about imitation and flattery? Perhaps Peter Serafinowicz’s musical rendition of the first page of Morrissey’s recently published autobiography wasn’t the most cleverly executed bit of comedy ever, but it does create some welcome publicity for the comedian – as well as the book itself. In the minute-and-a-half video, Serafinowicz imitates Morrissey’s trademark style, crooning about the street he grew up on.

Morrissey, Autobiography Signing
Morrissey held a book signing in Gothenburg, Sweden today (October 17).

There is something to the parody though, considering the first page of the book goes on for more than four pages. It’s a bit confusing, but still a solid parody. The comedian does have some experience with this particular parody, having previously performed it in a youtube video, spoofing a Stone Roses documentary.

Check out the video, courtesy of Serafinowicz's own channel, below.

The original autobiography, cleverly entitled “Biography” is out today. So far, the book is receiving glowing reviews, but of course, no new release, be it a film, a single or a book, can be truly complete these days without a youtube parody or a thousand. So for those, who want to be in touch with this week’s trending topic, but aren’t too jazzed about all that tedious reading, now you can listen to it in musical (sort of) form. Well, you can listen to a sentence from it. But hey, it’s still something.

Morrissey, Ed Sullivan Theater
The musician is in the midst of promotion for the book.