Morrissey, the former Smiths frontman, has ditched plans to release his autobiography just three days before it was due to be published.

The memoirs were set to document the 54-year-old's life growing up in Manchester, his time with The Smiths - one of Britain's greatest ever bands - and, crucially, his relationship with former song-writing partner Johnny Marr.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4's Front Row, Morrissey said he wanted the book to be released as part of the recognisable Penguin Classic series, despite the publisher rarely bestowing the title upon new writing. 

However, that point is now moot as, in a statement posted on the popular Morrissey fan-site True To You, it was confirmed that there had been a "last minute content disagreement" with publisher Penguin and that the book would no longer be released. 

"Although Morrissey's autobiography was set to be available throughout the UK on September 16th, a last-minute content disagreement between Penguin Books and Morrissey has caused the venture to collapse," the statement said.

"No review copies were printed and Morrissey is now in search of a new publisher."

The book was hugely anticipated by fans of the legendary singer, particularly for its sections on Johnny Marr whom Morrissey has had an uneasy relationship with since The Smiths. Johnny Rogan's book Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance told part of the story, though Morrissey initially denounced it, saying, "Personally I hope Johnny Rogan ends his days very soon in an M3 pile-up."

The publishing disagreement is just the latest setback for the singer, who suffered a series of "medical mishaps" which led to him cancelling his US tour earlier this year. He was also forced to cancel part of his South American tour in July due to a "lack of funding."

"In a year when far too many disappointments have been buried, this really is the last of many final straws," Morrissey explained on the blog True to You. "I am informed today that the projected tour of South America is snuffed out ... It's quite easy to sell tickets, yet [apparently] impossible to transport band and crew from F to G."

Watch Morrissey's video for 'You're The One For Me, Fatty':

The concluding paragraph of his statement had a distinct air of retirement about it.

"The future is suddenly absent," wrote, Morrissey, "...and my apologies are now so frequent as to be somewhat ridiculous," Morrissey wrote this week. "The collapse of South America [brings] the curtain down with a colossal thud, and the major problems remain as insoluble now as they were in 2009. The obvious conclusion stares back at me from the mirror, and the wheels are finally off the covered wagon. I shall see you in my dreams."

Though the singer is known to be still writing new material, he claimed in 2011 that he could not find a record label willing to release an album. "There's not much I can do about it," he said. "You assume that anyone who wants you will come and get you."

His last album, Years of Refusal in 2009, won strong reviews and debuted at No.3 on the UK Album Chart and No.11 on the Billboard 200.

MorrisseyMorrissey Performing in Brixton, London.

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Morrissey Performing At Hop Farm Festival.