Autobiography is the collected memoirs of Steven Patrick Morrissey, known best simply by his last name, Morrissey. Released after a long, controversial dispute with publishers Penguin (who, under Morrissey's supposed demands released it as a Penguin Classic), the book offers no shortage of controversial and conversation-starting topics spanning the great singer and lyricist's life, which offers little wonder as to why it has become such an instant success.

Mozza has split the critics with his book, but the sales figures suggest otherwise

The book has performed so well already in fact that it has become one of the fastest selling memoirs since records began, and it is now the fastest ever selling autobiography by a musician, overtaking Keith Richards' 2010 release Life. The book is now the second fastest selling memoir of all time, only coming behind Kate McCann’s Madeleine. Then again, the fact that the book was released as an instant Penguin Classic, meaning it could be released in the cheaper paperback format as well as in hardback, may account for some of it's success.

Autobiography is characteristically Morrissey, and as such it has split reviewers, with some praising the dry wit and poetic writing style adopted by the singer, with others damning the book as self-important rubbish. And for a life as blanketted and mysterious as Morrissey's, the book has also whipped up plenty to talk about as well, and not just whether he and Johnny Marr still send each other Christmas cards or not.

Morrissey Autobiography
The book offers no shortage of controversy

Often questioned on his sexual preferences, Mozza addresses his love life, recalling a homosexual relationship that occurred in the 90's with photographer Jake Owen Walters. In the book, the relationship is marked as his first serious run in with that thing called love, and his comments have caused the singer to since come forward and declare he is not actually a homosexual, but a humasexual. On top of this, his numeous disputes with band mates, lawmakers and enforcers and the NME are all detailed, making for some exhaustive reading.

Morrissey book signing
Even Mozza is shocked by the success