Morgan Freeman has signed up to star alongside Tom Cruise in 'Oblivion'.

The 'Invictus' actor will play a "critical" but unknown role in the Joseph Kosinski-directed sci-fi movie set on an uninhabitable earth, according to

Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko also star in the film, which tells the tale of a man who stays behind on the planet to repair ships which hunt down an alien species.

The Script for the film - previously known as 'Horizons' - is currently being re-written by Michael Arndt following earlier drafts by William Monahan and Karl Gajdusek.

Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark are producing the project alongside Barry Levine and director Kosinski.

Morgan was last seen in family movie 'Dolphin Tale' as Dr. Cameron McCarthy, and has filmed the role of Lucius Fox in upcoming Batman picture 'The Dark Knight Rises', which will be released later this year.

He is currently shooting a role in heist movie 'Now You See Me' with Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Jesse Eisenberg.