Madagascar has long fascinated intrepid scientists and lucky tourists with its otherworldly native creatures and enthralling landscape and now Island of Lemurs: Madagascar invites you on a journey into the heart of the jungle for an adventure into the unknown like never seen before.

Island Of Lemurs Madagascar
Take A Step Into The Leafy World Of Madagascar's Fascinating Lemur Population.

Of course, thanks to fun-filled family animation Madagascar, we're all fairly acquainted with the mysterious island's most famous native species, the lemur, and Island of Lemurs: Madagascar wants to lead us deeper into the leafy utopia to give us an unrivalled closer look at the lives of these stripy-tailed primates and our oldest ancestors.

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If you're not already sold on this sensitive and unobtrusive nature film, brought to you by Warner Brothers Pictures and IMAX, then consider that the mighty Morgan Freeman narrates the feature-length documentation featuring all kinds of lemur hijinks set in the only place on Planet Earth the furry inhabitants like to call home.

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Morgan Freeman Narrates This Entrancing Spyglass Into The Island's Nature.

Though lemurs have enjoyed a long history upon the diverse and lush island, Island of Lemurs also ensures that we're aware of the risks facing this diverse species. It features renowned primatologist and conservationist Patricia Wright on her quest to protect lemur-kind against the devastating threat of the meat market, logging and the exotic pet trade. If action is not taken to halt and reverse the effects of such detrimental practices, several million years of these delicate beings' history could be wiped out within just 25 years.

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The Film Hopes To Raise Awareness For The Protection Of Lemur-Kind.

 We're taken on a whirlwind ride through the treetops and forest floor to become more acquainted with the creatures whose species covers some of the biggest and smallest primates on the planet. We learn about their ghostly communicative noises and whimsical movements and gain an appreciation for the threats facing both lemurs and the ecology of Madagascar today.

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar will be released on the 4th April.

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Don't Miss This Breath-Taking Nature Film, Featuring Some Of The World's Most Extraordinary Primates.