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Morgan Freeman (born 1.6.1937) Morgan Freeman is an American actor and film director.

Morgan Freeman: Childhood & Early Career: Morgan Freeman was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to Mayme Edna Freeman and Morgan Porterfield Freeman Sr. His father was a barber and died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1961. When his father died, Morgan Jr. was sent to live with his grandmother in Charleston, Mississippi.

Whilst in Mississippi, Morgan attended the Greenwood High School and at the age of 12, he won a drama competition. He also appeared in a radio show that was based in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1955, Freeman turned down a drama scholarship to Jackson State University to work as a mechanic in the US Air Force.

In the 1960s, Freeman lived in Los Angeles, working as a transcript clerk, before moving to New York City, where he performed as a dancer at the 1964 World's Fair. His acting ventures during this time include being a member of a touring company performing in The Royal Hunt of the Sun and his Broadway debut in an African-American production of Hello Dolly!

Acting Career: Freeman first came to the public eye in the soap opera Another World and the children's show The Electric Company. He then made his film debut in 1971's Who Says I Can't Ride A Rainbow?

In the 1980s, Morgan Freeman landed a number of significant supporting film roles. He played the chauffeur named Hoke in Driving Miss Daisy, as well as Sergeant Major Rawlins in Glory, released the same year. He then went on to play Red, a transformed convict, alongside Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption.

The 1990s were a lucrative time for Morgan Freeman, as he featured in a number of the decade's biggest movies, such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, with Kevin Costner, Seven, with Brad Pitt and Deep Impact with Elijah Wood and Robert Duvall.

At the 77th Academy Awards, Morgan Freeman won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, for his role in Million Dollar Baby, in which he starred alongside Hilary Swank.

Freeman has played God twice, in the popular comedy Bruce Almighty and its follow-up Evan Almighty. He also played Lucius Fox in both Christopher Nolan Batman films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

In 2007, Freeman starred alongside Jack Nicholson in The Bucket List. In 2008, he returned to the stage, starring alongside Frances McDormand and Peter Gallagher in the Broadway production of The Country Girl.

Morgan Freeman has also provided narration for a number of film projects, such as the award-winning documentary March of the Penguins and War of the Worlds.

Personal Life: Between 1967 and 1979, Morgan freeman was married to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. His second marriage, to Myrna Colley-Lee, lasted from 1984 to 2007.

Morgan has two sons, Alfonso and Saifoulaye, from previous relationships and also adopted Jeanette's daughter, Deena as well as the couple having a daughter together, named Morgana.

Morgan Freeman currently divides his time between New York City and Charleston Mississippi. In nearby Clarksdale, Freeman owns a blues club named Ground Zero. He also co-owns a fine-dining restaurant named Madidi.

Morgan Freeman publicly endorsed Barack Obama's successful campaign for the US presidency in 2008.

In August 2008, Morgan Freeman was injured in a car accident in Mississippi. His Nissan Maxima flipped over a number of times and he and his passenger had to be rescued from the vehicle. He had broken his shoulder, elbow and arm.

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Momentum Review


With a plot so thin that it's barely there, this sleek South African action thriller is surprisingly entertaining simply because the cast is allowed to chomp merrily on the scenery as they try to torment and kill each other. And even though the film's tone is relentless machismo, this is a rare thriller with a female leading character. So there's a bit of attitude and wry humour to undermine the otherwise sadistic violence.

It opens in Cape Town with a ludicrously over-planned bank heist that goes wrong simply because the robbers are all hothead thugs. The gang leader is Alex (Olga Kurylenko), and her clash with one of her cohorts leaves her team in disarray. She's also on the run from Mr. Washington (James Purefoy), the viciously swaggering henchman of top American boss the Senator (Morgan Freeman). It quickly becomes clear that Washington isn't trying to recover the diamonds stolen from the bank vault; he wants a mysterious memory stick instead. After Alex turns to a cohort (Brendan Murray) and a former love-rival (Lee-Anne Summers) for help, she leads Washington on a spectacularly grisly cat and mouse chase across the city.

Cameraman-turned-director Stephen Campanelli certainly knows how to make a movie that looks achingly cool. There isn't a moment when anyone moves or speaks like a normal human being: they strut, pose, shout, leer, scowl and taunt. And of course they all look great doing it. Kurylenko is a steely presence at the centre of the action, with a character intriguing enough to hold the interest even if Campanelli hadn't forced her to do most of her biggest scenes in a state of undress. Purefoy is clearly having a great time deliciously playing with his character's verbose speeches and grisly actions. And even Freeman gets to chew on some scenery in his few scenes.

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Gerard Butler Returns To Defend The UK In 'London Has Fallen' [Trailer]

Gerard Butler Aaron Eckhart Morgan Freeman

Following the close call the White House and the President was exposed to at the hands of North Korean maniacs in 'Olympus Has Fallen', terrorists turn their attentions to the UK in the tense sequel appropriately (if not imaginatively) named 'London Has Fallen'. And Gerard Butler has returned.

Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in 'London Has Fallen'Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart go for round two with the terrorists

If you weren't familiar with the plot of 'Olympus Has Fallen' or simply have it totally confused with 2013's other terrorism film 'White House Down' (don't worry, you're not the only one), then here's a brief overview: North Korean terrorists take President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) hostage, threaten to irradiate the US in a bid to unify Korea without any interruptions, Special Forces agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) comes in and saves the day with seconds to spare.

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London Has Fallen Trailer

Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart and Angela Bassett once again team up in the new release London Has Fallen, this is a follow-up to the 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen.

President Benjamin Asher must make a diplomatic trip to the capital of the United Kingdom after the British Prime Minister is killed. The death of the Prime Minister is shroud in mystery and Asher's number one Secret Service agent, Mike Banning, can't help but feel that the trip is going too smoothly.

Having each of the world's leaders all in one place, it's a hugely appealing target for terrorists. As the funeral proceedings begin to come together, Banning's worst fears come true. The world's stability is left in the hands of the president, his secret service agent and a lone MI6 agent.

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Hamptons International Film Festival

Morgan Freeman - The 23rd Annual Hamptons International Film Festival - Arrivals - East Hampton, New York, United States - Saturday 10th October 2015

Morgan Freeman

Hamptons International Film Festival - 'The C Word' - Screening

Morgan Freeman - Hamptons International Film Festival - 'The C Word' - Screening at United Artists East Hampton Cinema 6 at UA Cinema - East Hampton, New York, United States - Friday 9th October 2015

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
Pascaline Servan-Schreiber, Morgan Freeman and Meghan O'Hara
Lori McCreary, Meghan O'Hara, Morgan Freeman, Nick McKinney and Pascaline Servan-Schreiber
Morgan Freeman, Pascaline Servan-Schreiber, Lori McCreary, Meghan O'Hara and David Nugent

Oxford Union Makes "Shake It Off" Mash-Up Video

Taylor Swift Stephen Fry Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart Psy Morgan Freeman Piers Morgan

The Oxford Union, the debating society at Oxford University is trying to persuade Taylor Swift to travel to the city to give a speech by releasing a hilarious mash-up video of former guest speakers reciting the lyrics to her hit single ‘Shake It Off’.

Stephen Fry kicks off the clip opening with the line “I stay up too late”, before a range of prestigious speakers including Morgan Freeman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Piers Morgan, Richard Dawkins, Sir Ian McKellen, FIFA president Sepp Blatter and ‘Gangnam Style’ singer Psy are cut up and rearranged to recite other key lines from the song. You can check out the clip at the bottom of the page.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' is the subject of a brilliant mash-up video by Oxford Uni's debating society

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Morgan Freeman Mourns Granddaughter, 'The World Will Never Know Her Artistry And Talent'

Morgan Freeman

Actor Morgan Freeman is mourning the death of his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines who was fatally stabbed in New York on early Sunday morning. The 33 year old aspiring actress was found by police lying on the street after being stabbed in the chest outside her Manhattan apartment. A 30 year old man is said now to be in police custody over the incident and charged with second-degree murder.

Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman is mourning the death of granddaughter E’Dena Hines.

In a statement 78 year old Freeman said, ‘The world will never know her artistry and talent, and how much she had to offer. Her friends and family were fortunate enough to have known what she meant as a person.’

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Ted 2 Review


Fans of the surprise 2012 hit Ted will find plenty to love in this sequel, in which Seth MacFarlane takes the same approach: throwing every kind of gag at the screen in the hopes that some of them stick. Thankfully, there are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments to make sure the film is continually entertaining, even if the plot isn't particularly inventive.

In the past three years, John (Mark Wahlberg) has seen his marriage fall apart, while Ted (voiced by MacFarlane) has married his girlfriend Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). A year later, Ted and Tami-Lynn are in a rut and decide that perhaps a child will help kickstart their romance. Unable to conceive for obvious reasons, they turn to adoption, but this raises a red flag about Ted's status in society: he isn't actually a person, and the state declares that he's property. On the verge of losing everything, Ted and John hire novice lawyer Samantha (Amanda Seyfried) to defend Ted's right to be treated as a person. But their opponent is a slick lawyer (John Slattery) hired in secret by toy company Hasbro, which is now in league with Ted's long-time stalker-nemesis Donny (Giovanni Ribisi).

The ongoing central gag here is that John and Ted have never grown up, stuck in their dope-smoking fanboy ways, which allows for all kinds of rude mayhem, plus lots of cameo appearances from genre stars, including a gratuitous trip to New York Comic-Con that turns into the film's funniest sequence with a series of sublimely silly running gags. On the other hand, the one-joke premise badly limits the film's scope for coherent storytelling, merely dashing from one nutty set-piece to the next and hoping that something funny will happen. Thankfully, most sequences are genuinely amusing, at least for audiences whose goal is just to have a good time at the movies.

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New York Premiere Of 'Ted 2'

Morgan Freeman - New York premiere of 'Ted 2' at the Ziegfeld Theater - Red Carpet Arrivals at Ziegfeld Theater - New York City, United States - Wednesday 24th June 2015

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman and grandaughter Alexis
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman

The 2015 Actors Fund Gala Arrivals

Morgan Freeman - A host of stars were snapped upon arrival to the 2015 Actors Fund Gala which was held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 12th May 2015

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
Michael Bloomberg, Bebe Neuwirth, Morgan Freeman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman In Favour Of Pot Legalisation

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has voiced his support for the legalisation of marijuana, having candidly revealed his use of the drug for medicinal purposes in his recovery from a near-fatal car crash several years ago.

The 77 year old former Oscar winner, famed for his golden speaking voice, gave a forthright interview to The Daily Beast in which he gave his opinions on the ongoing campaign to legalise the drug. “Legalize it across the board,” he said, describing the movement as “a long time coming”.

Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman spoke to The Daily Beast about marijuana

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A Week In Movies: Red Carpets Draw Stars In Los Angeles And New York, While Two Film Crews Hit The Streets Of Brooklyn And New Trailers Drop For Three Festival Favourites

Reese Witherspoon Sofia Vergara Diane Keaton Morgan Freeman Megan Fox Tyler Perry Nina Simone

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara star in 'Hot Pursuit'Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara star in 'Hot Pursuit'

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara led the charge as their new action comedy 'Hot Pursuit' premiered in Los Angeles this week. It's about an uptight policewoman trying to protect the colourful widow of a drug kingpin as they are chased by corrupt cops and mob killers. It opens this weekend in America and in July in the UK. 

More: Check out pictures of the LA Premiere for 'Hot Pursuit' here

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New York Premiere Of '5 Flights Up'

Diane Keaton - New York premiere of '5 Flights Up' at BAM Rose Cinemas - Arrivals at BAM Rose Theater - New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 30th April 2015

Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman
Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman
Diane Keaton

5 Flights Up Trailer

Ruth (Dianne Keaton) & Alex (Morgan Freeman) moved to Brooklyn back before it was cool. The two live on the fifth floor of an apartment with their dog, content to live their retirement with one another and painting. But with them both so old, the five flights of steps are becoming a problem for them to manage. As they go through the motions of trying to sell their apartment, they come face to face with new couples and younger people looking to move to the area, learning more about love and life in the process. 

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Video - 'Now You See Me: The Second Act' Seen Filming In London

Filming for the upcoming sequel 'Now You See Me: The Second Act' was seen taking place in London. In the scene that was filmed, one member of the cast was seen performing street magic in the rain, with one of his final tricks being to stop the rain entirely.

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Morgan Freeman

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