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Marlon Brando's Homosexual Celebrity Affairs Revealed

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Marlon Brando's new biography paints 'The Godfather' actor in a new light, as it reveals how he slept his way around Hollywood. The biography also claims that he slept with some of his male directors and co-stars. The biography, 'Brandon Unzipped', by Darwin Porter claims that the bisexual Academy Award winner engaged in a sexual relationship with James Dean, Cary Grant, Montgomery Clift and Sir John Gielgud.  

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In the book, Porter says: "James Dean was one of Brando's most lasting yet troubled gay relationships. They had a relationship for a number of years but it was always turbulent. At one point they had a big stand-up fight at a party in Santa Monica, California, witnessed by dozens of people. His affair with Montgomery Clift was a long and enduring relationship."

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The Misfits Review

A storied movie, written by Arthur Miller for wife Marilyn Monroe -- whom he would divorce before the film was released, The Misfits is as interesting behind the scenes as it is on the screen. Monroe is marvelous (though reportedly battling severe drug addiction during the filming), driven probably by her hatred for the weak-willed Roslyn, and Clark Gable is memorable too, as an aging cowboy who periodically heads out to the desert and the foothills to go "mustanging," rounding up wild horses... which he'll sell to a dog food company.

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A Place In The Sun Review

The classic tragedy, in classic form. Disturbing and powerful considering its time (1951), this film, based on the novel An American Tragedy, features Clift's greatest performance as a working-class guy wooed by an assembly line worker (Winters) and a ritzy chick (Taylor). The Pandora's box he opens when one is accidentally killed makes for a timeless tragedy.

Suddenly, Last Summer Review

In 1930s New Orleans, a creepy drama/thriller plays out, with a wealthy heiress (Katharine Hepburn) extorting an upstanding doctor (Montgomery Clift) into giving her neice (Elizabeth Taylor) a lobotomy. Why? That's the rub in this juicy, compelling, and typically overblown Tennessee Williams adaptation. Hepburn and Taylor both earned Oscar nominations for their work; it's hard to pick which turns in a more compelling performance.

Judgment At Nuremberg Review

In the grand tradition of courtroom dramas, Judgment at Nuremberg has the distinction of being probably the most "important" of them all -- even if it's not the most blatantly entertaining.

The three-hour film concerns the trial of four Nazi-era German judges accused of killing millions as part of the regime. The trial circumstances are tricky: The four accused didn't pull any triggers, nor were they in the upper echelons of power. They were middlemen, just signing off on the whims of Hitler. How guilty are they of murder? And so it is that American Judge Dan Hawood is flown in to lead a tribunal to determine their fate.

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I Confess Review

Montgomery Clift's staid performance is arguably the best thing about I Confess, a minor work in Hitchcock's canon, and that isn't saying much. Here Clift plays a quiet priest with a dilemma: He's been the recipient of a murderer's confession, and now he himself is suspected of the crime.

Does Clift confess or does he maintain his vow of silence with respect to confessions of his parishioners? This issue has been studied at length in the Law & Orders of the world, and they all end the same: Priest/lawyer/psychiatrist keeps the vow of silence until the very end, when the accused either comes forward and confesses or is convicted by some other means at the very last second.

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Red River Review

Very Good
John Wayne stars in one of his most acclaimed films, Red River, opposite a young Montgomery Clift. Wayne is the tormenting rancher, driving his 9,000 head of cattle to Missouri to avoid bankruptcy; Clift is his adopted son, who grows increasingly antagonistic against dad's slave driving. Eventually, the cattle drive approaches a situation of mutiny, pitting father and son against one another.

Filled with beautiful black and white photography, especially for its era, Red River is an atmospheric ride a la Unforgiven, where it's hard to find a white-hat hero and a sense of dread surrounds the proceedings. Unfortunately, the film is hampered by a lame hoedown score, typical of 1940s Westerns, not to mention an atrocious "happy" ending that belies the emotion in the rest of the picture.

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Terminal Station Review

Here's a film with a backstory richer than the finished project.

Shot in 1953 in Italy, Vittorio De Sica crafted a film writ small about two unlikely lovers: a married American woman (Jennifer Jones) with a child and an Italian local (Montgomery Clift, badly miscast). What we see in this film, which takes place nearly in real time, is not their love affair, but rather her attempt to depart for her trip home, stuck in the titular station with a crisis of conscience: stick around with the hot flame or return to the family in the U.S. Strangely, the drama doesn't really come from the woman's indecision over whether to leave, rather the pair find themselves arrested when they take refuge in a train car. I guess the Italian police don't take kindly to such behavior -- the cop, after much haranguing, even decrees that they will have to stand trial for their crimes!

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