Monica Bellucci loves being a mother.

The 'Shoot 'Em Up' actress - who has four-year-old daughter Deva with her husband Vincent Cassel - is relieved to have gotten older because her life has been hugely enhanced by motherhood.

She said: "I wouldn't want to be 20 again for anything. I am much happier now than when I was younger. You have to discover who you are, who you are going to be, there are so many insecurities. Today, I know the things that I need, the things that I can live without.

"Deva arrived at a perfect moment for me. I have done so many things in my life, been to so many places, had some great times - but when she came I was ready to give her everything she needed. The most important thing with children is to give them time."

The 44-year-old Italian beauty adores playing mum and happily shuns glamorous Hollywood parties to spend time with her daughter.

She explained to Britain's You magazine: "I am at a stage in my life where I if I don't go out, I don't feel I'm missing something. I get bored surrounded by people smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol. And I'm not so interested now in going to premieres or being photographed on the red carpet. I want to be with her."