Review of Where She Goes Single by Moco

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Where She Goes - Reviewed


Where She Goes

Pool Side Records

23 September 2002

The Strokes from USA, The Hives from Holland, The Vines from Australia there is only one problem with this list non of these bands are from the UK. This is where the name Moco comes into the equation, Moco are a 4 piece punk rock "n" roll band

who originate from Wigan and formed 2 years ago.

These guys are already causing more than a little bit of a stir when playing live, they started off gigging around Manchester and surrounding areas, later followed a support tour with The Parkinsons where they only managed to play for 32 seconds before Moco where escorted off the stage for breaking amps, a PA and 2 tables! The boys released their debut back in October 2001 it was called Another Day No Dollars, this proved to be a great success even though only 300 copies had been pressed.

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Where She Goes is a great "down & dirty" track, with the sprit of a monkey who's been fed copious amounts of c*caine. Judging the band on this single Moco are not a band to be taken lightly and you will be hearing more of them in the future!

Tour dates will be announced as soon as we get word!