Dance music star Moby is to donate the proceeds from his upcoming California dates to struggling domestic violence centres in the state.
The hitmaker has three October (09) shows in the state and he has decided to hand over tour profits to a struggling charity there.
In a new post on his website, Moby writes, "After looking at many different shelters and organizations in california (sic) I've decided to donate my california tour revenue to the california partnership to end domestic violence. They work statewide with over 200 different organizations."
The charity has been struggling ever since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger eliminated all state funding for shelter services in July (09). Six California shelters have been forced to close.
Moby adds, "My hope is that by doing this (donating cash) I will enable domestic violence prevention workers to continue their work, and also encourage other people to step in and help raise funds for domestic violence prevention and care. Domestic violence is equal parts prison and torture for many women, and my sincere hope is that we can step up and help to protect women in California and end domestic violence."