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The Things They Say 21110

6th April 2011

"I just moved to Los Angeles and Heather and I live around the corner from each other and so we've become friends. It was as simple as calling her up and saying, 'We're making a...

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The Things They Say 21100

6th April 2011

"It's terrifying. But one of the great things is that I don't have very good eyesight so I take off my glasses and the audience becomes a blur. If I could actually see them, the...

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Mike Myers Has Secret Wedding

4th March 2011

Mike Myers secretly got married five months ago.The 'Austin Powers' actor and his long-term girlfriend Kelly Tisdale tied the knot in a "beautiful" private ceremony in New York, his representative has confirmed.The pair first started...

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Moby's Boost For Moviemakers

7th February 2011

Dance star MOBY is giving up-and-coming moviemakers a boost - by offering his songs for use on film soundtracks for free.The Porcelain hitmaker is giving his talented fans the chance to showcase his tunes on...

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Moby Shocked By High Intruder

3rd February 2011

Moby was stunned to find an intruder who was high on drugs in his lounge on Monday (31.01.11).The 'Porcelain' singer was stunned to discover the early morning visitor to his home in Los Feliz, Los...

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Moby Surprised By Breakfast Intruder

31st January 2011

Dance music star MOBY had a rude awakening on Monday morning (31Jan11) when he found an intruder in his California home.The man, named Robbie, was reportedly high on drugs and was standing in the hitmaker's...

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Stars Stand Up For Internet Neutrality

23rd September 2010

R.E.M., JACKSON BROWNE and MOBY have joined forces in an effort to halt a corporate takeover of the Internet by big telecommunications firms like Verizon and Google.The three acts, the Roots, Bonnie Raitt and Rosanne...

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Fascinating Fact 9904

1st September 2010

PHIL COSTELLO, the frontman in MOBY's new heavy rock group DIAMONDSNAKE, also fronts a metal Bee Gees tribute act.

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Photographer Corinne Day Dies

1st September 2010

Fashion photographer Corinne Day has died aged 45. The former model - who is credited with discovering Croydon-born supermodel Kate Moss when she was a teenager - died on Friday, August 27 following a battle...

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114 Injured At L.a. Festival

28th June 2010

More than 100 revellers were admitted to hospital in Los Angeles over the weekend (26-27Jun10) as fans scrambled to gain access to a festival headlined by dance star MOBY.Approximately 114 people were injured during the...

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Moby Forms Metal Band

4th May 2010

Dance music star MOBY has announced plans to hit the road with a heavy metal band.The Porcelain hitmaker has formed a new group, called Diamondsnake, with three pals, and he has released the tracks What...

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Fascinating Fact 9192

26th April 2010

Stars including GWYNETH PALTROW, MOBY and artist/filmmaker JULIAN SCHNABEL are supporting a charity drive to bring yoga to underfunded U.S. schools. They are all set to attend a fundraiser in New York on Wednesday (28Apr10)...

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Moby Cuts Out Drugs & Alcohol

5th April 2010

Dance music star MOBY is celebrating his sobriety after abstaining from drugs and alcohol for the last year.The Porcelain hitmaker was once a fixture in Manhattan's Lower East Side club scene - but the 44...

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Moby Asks Fans To Make Video For New Single

11th March 2010

Dance star MOBY is asking his fans to make the video for his new single WAIT FOR ME.The Porcelain hitmaker has launched a competition offering a lucky winner $5,000 (£3,333) for creating the best music...

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Moby Ditches Electrics

11th February 2010

Moby is not using any electronics on his new album. The 'We Are All Made Of Stars' musician, who rose to fame with dance hit 'Go' in the 90s, is back in the studio and...

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Moby's New Year On The Bottom Of The World

3rd January 2010

Dance star MOBY has fallen in love with New Zealand after helping music fans in the country welcome 2010 before almost anyone else on Earth.Moby headlined the Rhythm & Vines festival which took place over...

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Moby's 'Weird' Shows

28th December 2009

Moby finds it "weird" playing on stage with other people.The dance music artist finds it difficult to recreate his music in a live environment with a band because he creates his albums entirely on his...

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Moby Blasts Reality Singing Shows

17th November 2009

Dance star MOBY has followed STING's lead by hitting out at reality shows such as AMERICAN IDOL - insisting the "awful" singing contests are cheapening the music industry.The DJ shuns Simon Cowell's talent competitions, including...

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Moby's Insomnia Issues

17th November 2009

Dance music star MOBY refuses to take regular medication for his insomnia - because he has heard too many horror stories about people becoming addicted to sleeping pills.The globe-trotting DJ regularly jets across the U.S....

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Comic Actor Chris Martin

15th November 2009

Chris Martin should be a comedy star.The Coldplay singer - who is married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow - has been urged by 'Goldfinger' rockers Ash to widen his career and seek acting roles after impressing...

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Moby's Political Victory

16th October 2009

Dance star MOBY has scored a political victory, after convincing California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER to reinstate funding to domestic violence programmes in the state.The star pledged his support to the cause earlier this month (Oct09),...

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Moby Supports California Domestic Violence Charity

5th October 2009

Dance music star MOBY is to donate the proceeds from his upcoming California dates to struggling domestic violence centres in the state.The hitmaker has three October (09) shows in the state and he has decided...

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Fascinating Fact 8045

24th September 2009

ALICE COOPER, MOBY, HENRY ROLLINS and MALCOLM MCDOWELL have teamed up to star in new vampire movie musical SUCK.

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Moby Blames 'Broken' Healthcare System For His Mother's Death

28th July 2009

MOBY is a passionate supporter of U.S. President BARACK OBAMA's plans to bring about health care reform in America, because he blames the current system for the death of his mother.The Porcelain hitmaker claims his...

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Moby Lucky To Have Fans

18th July 2009

Moby is amazed he has fans.The 'Go' hitmaker is always astonished that people turn up to his concerts and can't believe he still gets booked to perform.He said: "There have been periods of great success...

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Moby's Restaurant Destroyed By Fire

22nd June 2009

MOBY's New York restaurant has been destroyed in a fire.An electrical fire ignited vegan eatery Teany and gutted the building on Rivington Street, in Manhattan's Lower East Side on Thursday night (18Jun09). The DJ opened...

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Moby The Artist

17th June 2009

Dance star MOBY is fulfilling his artistic ambitions - a collection of his sketches are going on display in London.The American will be on hand to open the exhibition on Thursday (18Jun09) at the Maurice...

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Moby Set For 30 Rock Cameo

12th May 2009

MOBY has incurred the wrath of U.S. TV bosses by revealing he will make a cameo in this week's (ends15May09) season finale of sitcom 30 ROCK. A number of top secret guest appearances have been lined...

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Moby Breaks His Ankle

21st April 2009

Dance star MOBY is hobbling around his New York home after breaking his ankle during a kickboxing session. The Porcelain hitmaker is bitter he didn't suffer the fracture fighting - the accident happened as he entered...

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Moby: 'Transcendental Meditation Is Great'

12th April 2009

Dance music superstar MOBY regrets not dedicating his life to transcendental meditation earlier - because it's a lazy man's dream. The hitmaker admits he rallied against most things connected to yoga and meditation for years because...

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