Review of Heaven Album by Mobius Band

Review of Mobius Band's album Heaven.

Mobius Band Heaven Album

Issued in their homeland of America back in 2007, this album has been made available of this side of the Atlantic due to Mobius Band's friendship with a certain British band. The Editors were so impressed with the trio that they've helped with the release of this record and even put their name on the sleeve.

When a band chooses a support act it makes sense for them to share a similar musical direction, so it comes as no surprise that Mobius Band have a dark tone to their indie tunes - those who prefer big rock anthems need to look elsewhere. A pounding urgency carries the garage rock of 'Secret Language', while the luscious arrangement and harmonies of 'Hallie' are dampened by the lyrical content of a selfish former partner.

Electronic effects are scattered across the album and are particularly complementary on 'Under Sand', while 'A Hint Of Blood' begins like a speeded up version of David Bowie's 'Ashes To Ashes' before injecting some indie-disco.

Fans of Editors and their peers such as Interpol may find this an interesting record to investigate, for everyone else it is no more or less than an acceptable background soundtrack.

Alex Lai

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