Review of Mixshake Album by Missill

Review of Missill's compilation Mixshake.

Missill Mixshake Album

DJ Missill is one of French's hottest DJ's and 'Mixshake' is a collection of tracks mixed and compiled with her unique style and touch. A mix of the most cutting edge tracks from electro punk to baile funk, to grime craziness to stomping break beat. Missill is the real deal. In fact I'd be very proud to release a mix like this. It's heavy.

However if you're not down with the kids this might be a bit hard hitting. There's no escape from the totally progressive elements in the music and rude onslaught of electro mastery. There's no denying Missill is a quality DJ as well as a cool artist. She's representing women in a great way and France too. Parents beware!

Tareck Ghoneim

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