Remember Mischa Barton ? The British-American actress is best known for her role on 'The O.C' though has tried her hand at stage acting, movies and the occasional bit of fashion modelling since. In recent years, Barton has wound up as something of a socialite in her hometown of London.
At the launch of her new boutique in Spitalfields, East London, on Tuesday (August 7, 2012), Barton found herself in the company of none other than James Middleton - the younger brother of Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton. The extent of their relationship in unclear, though James reportedly made good on his promise to provide cupcakes for the 200 guests invited to the launch. Barton - once one of the most photographed celebrities in Hollywood and New York - has opened the store in the edgy part of East London, stocking her entire fashion collection. She told Vogue UK, "It's nice that everything now has a home, a hub.The brand was born in London, so I wanted [the store] to start here. Spitalfields Market is a perfect fit, because even though it's East, it's still very well contained. The stores are really beautiful and old, and there are some really interesting brands here. It's a good place to start. Also, now it's super hip".
Mischa Barton's former boyfriends include The Kooks singer Luke Pritchard, CISCO ADLER and Taylor Locke: could James Middleton be next on that list?