Mischa Barton is launching a retro-inspired clothing and accessories range.

The former 'O.C.' actress - who already has her own collection of handbags - and her mother, Nuala, will launch the new line later this year and they have teamed up with aLine media public relations to help promote it.

Nuala said: ''We could not be more pleased to announce the partnership between aLine media and Mischa Barton. aLine's respect and influence in the industry will provide Mischa Barton with the opportunity to take the brand to the next level as we continue to design unique and fashionable clothing and accessories. The partnership will also support our effort to create a strong marketing and brand awareness campaign to expand our customer base substantially. Our collaboration with aLine will assist in positioning Mischa Barton in the forefront of customer's minds as a one of a kind, lifestyle Collection.''

Last year, Mischa said she was planning a fashion line incorporating a variety of eras.

She explained: ''It's something I really want to do. It'll be forties-meets-seventies with the occasionally bit of twenties - that sounds a bit random, but I'll take elements of different decades. It'll be a bit like Biba, but with a real simplicity of cut and lots of bright colours. The fabrics will be great quality, and there will be lots of separates, like slacks and shirts. I want people to be able to mix and match.''