Mischa Barton ''likes'' Duchess Catherine's ''perfect'' sense of style.

The 26-year-old actress - who has her own range of handbags - enjoys the wife of Prince William's ''cute and pretty'' fashion choices.

She said: ''I think she's perfect. I like her style. She always looks put together, cute and pretty. I definitely wouldn't change her.

Mischa enjoyed seeing Catherine - who was known as Kate Middleton before her marriage - taking in the action at the recent London Olympics because she is such a ''positive role model'' for the young girls who would have been tuning in to the event.

''I think she's a much more positive role model than most we see in ads and magazines. During the Olympics it's given people so many more positive role models and she's been one of the existing ones we look up to who's positive and healthy and cool.''

Despite having never met Catherine, Mischa - who now lives in Paris, France - is a fan of her brother James Middleton.

She added: ''He was a very nice guy, a real gentleman. He came to dinner after a party with us. He and his girlfriend are very sweet.''