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You should really check your sources since Magoyles is the only one that might not be in further movies. JULIE WALTERS and RICHARD GRIFFITHS are still in the Harry Potter movies, both appearing in the next film. Yes, neither were in the last film due to a lack of necessity for their part. The same is the reason for the cut of Margoyles, she plays no real part in the rest of the books, so far. The only time her character really did anything essential to the plot was in the second book. Considering that these are expensive movies to make, cutting out unnecessary characters is very prudent. Next time, check your sources better and don't just post incorrect information from another site. For good HP news, check or

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By all means pllease keep Margolyes as the herbologylady.You really should eliminate and ax the terrible pertson who plays the part of Dumbeldore. This manis a travestry of an actor for that part. Get ridof him.

Posted 8 years 11 months ago by Edson Robert

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