Animal lover Miranda Lambert spent the Memorial Day weekend trying to find a home for a stray dog.

The country singer picked up the abandoned mutt she christened Sasha Fierce - Beyonce's stage and video alter-ego - in Ravia, Oklahoma last week (24May13) and posted a picture of the pet on her page, urging followers to get in touch with the Tishomingo Shelter if they had any information about her new four-legged friend.

When the calls didn't come, Lambert decided to take the dog to her Tishomingo clothing store The Pink Pistol and offer her up to shoppers for adoption.

She posted another shot of the dog on Twitter on Sunday (26May13), and wrote, "No one claimed her so far. Any takers..? Best if she (is) the only animal in the family. Loves to love! House broken.

"Tweet me if U seriously want her. I'm calling her Sasha Fierce. She looks like she has made it through a lot in life."

Then, on Memorial Day (27May13), Lambert found the lost dog a new family - and posted a photo of the pooch's new folks online.

She tweeted, "Yay! Spending the day at the Pink Pistol today paid off. Sasha Fierce found a new home! Thanks to these sweet folks!"