Miranda Kerr always gets nervous before modelling in her underwear.

The 29-year-old beauty regularly walks down the runway in skimpy outfits for the annual Victoria's Secret show but says it doesn't get any easier.

She said: ''I had nerves this year because I had some friends in the audience. That's never going to change, because you're in your underwear in front of millions of people!

''I really have loved all of my outfits, though. What I like about Victoria's Secret is that they encourage us to show our personality. It really is a dream job for a model.''

Miranda also says she loves working as a Victoria's Secret angel because they are so accommodating with her 23-month-old son, Flynn.

The brunette star - who is married to actor Orlando Bloom - told Britain's Hello! magazine: ''There's a lot of support from Victoria's Secret. My son will come with me on photo shoots: they're really great about allowing him to be there. he has a little space where he can play and then goes home and takes a nap.''