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We Are the Best! Review

Swedish filmmaker Lukas Moodysson returns to the improv-style charms of his earlier films (like Together and Show Me Love), a welcome break from his more recent grim experimental dramas (see Mammoth or Lilya 4-ever). This light-hearted film explodes with youthful energy, drawing engaging performances from the three lead actresses that completely win over the audience.

In a boring Stockholm suburb in 1982, 13-year-old Bobo (Mira Barkhammar) is utterly humiliated by everything her mother (Anna Rydgren) does, so she of course rebels, chopping off her hair to go punk with her best pal Klara (Mira Grosin). They decide to start a band, but neither knows anything about music, so they draft in Hedvig (Liv LeMoyne), a musician in their class. Hedvig may be a devout Christian, but Bobo and Klara think they can change that with their rebel music. And as they begin to take shape as a fiercely anarchic pre-teen punk band, they decide to enter a local competition.

Of course, everything changes when they meet two teen boys (Jonathan Salomonsson and Alvin Strollo) who play in their favourite local punk group, and the jealousy that sparks between the girls gives the film a semblance of a plot. Otherwise, it's a joy to watch these three girls express their feelings through their music. Their first song Hate the Sport is a brilliant rant against their annoying PE teacher. And their stream-of-consciousness dialogue is just as witty, leading to ill-advised antics and relational stress.

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We Are The Best - Trailer & Clips

Bobo, Klara and Hedvig are three best friends from Stockholm on the cusp of being teenagers and, like most pre-adolescents, they're all about experimenting with their identity. While their school friends are all about hairstyles and getting involved in dance shows, these girls are all about cutting their hair off and getting involved in punk music. They decide to form a band in spite of the fact that only one of their trio can actually play any music and even she is taking some persuading to get involved with the girls' punk aesthetic. But in the end, other people's criticism and remarks that 'punk is dead' go disregarded, and even when they are told that only boys form bands, they are determined to set out to be the people they want to be. Each other's support is all they need to follow their dreams  and become the best punk rockers in the world.

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We Are The Best Trailer

It's the eighties and Bobo, Klara and Hedvig are three lgirls from Stockhom between the tender ages of 12 and 13. While their classmates prance around with long tresses and leotards performing sickening dance routines on stage regularly, they decide to cut their hair drastically short and form a band - despite the fact that only one of them is remotely musical and even she is certainly not used to playing rock music. They go against all the criticism from their peers, who insist that punk is dead and that being in a band is what boys do, and carry on their dreams, supporting one another and gaining the confidence to reach for the stars because they are sure, deep down, that they could very well become the best punk group around.

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