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Al Jourgensen Divorced

8th July 2014

Ministry rocker Al Jourgensen is "divorced and happy" after splitting from his wife.The veteran star has taken to to tell fans his marriage to record label boss Angelina Jourgensen is over and he is...

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The Things They Say: 3801583

6th August 2013

"(I have an) arch enemy who's based on Ted Nugent. I fight for good, and this guy just shoots deer and writes songs about vaginas." Ministry star Al Jourgensen on his upcoming comic book project.

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Al Jourgensen Ordered Fred Durst To Strip Off For Studio Sessions

8th July 2013

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen played a practical joke on Limp Bizkit star Fred Durst during a studio session by ordering him to strip off and sing wearing nothing but a cowboy hat.Jourgensen has lifted the...

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The Things They Say: 3749082

8th July 2013

"It's a book called Mind F**k, which is about the power of persuasion and how a person goes around to dive bars and talks downtrodden people into killing themselves, by the power of persuasion. But...

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Minstry Guitarist Mike Scaccia Dies After Collapsing On Stage

24th December 2012

Guitarist Mike Scaccia has died at the age of 47.The musician, who played in bands Ministry and Rigor Mortis, collapsed on stage at the Rail Club in Forth Worth, Texas, on Saturday night (22.12.12) at...

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Rigor Mortis And Ministry Guitarist Mike Scaccia Dies After Onstage Collapse

By Hayley Avron | 24th December 2012

Mike Scaccia, the guitarist for rock groups Ministry and Rigor Mortis, has collapsed onstage and died, whilst celebrating his band mate Bruce Corbitt’s 50th birthday.Scaccia, aged 47, was playing with Rigor Mortis at the Rail...

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Ministry Frontman Pays Tribute To Mike Scaccia

24th December 2012

Mike Scaccia's former Ministry bandmate Al Jourgensen has paid tribute to the rocker following his death on Saturday (22Dec12).The 47-year-old guitarist was performing with metal band Rigor Mortis in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday night...

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Ministry Frontman Collapses On Stage From Dehydration

29th July 2012

Rockers Ministry were forced to axe their gig in France on Saturday (28Jul12) after frontman Al Jourgensen collapsed on stage.The band was performing at the Bataclan in Paris when singer Jourgensen fainted. The group pulled...

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Ministry Rockers Spent Recording Session With Drug-dealing Writer

18th January 2012

Ministry rocker Al Jourgensen once gave a budding writer access to his recording sessions in return for a bag of drugs.The woman told the star she wanted to write a book about the making of...

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Jourgensen Back With Retired Ministry

8th August 2011

Heavy rock supergroup Ministry have been reactivated by Al Jourgensen just three years after he told fans there would never be another record or show.The group will join the Scorpions, Cradle of Filth and Hammerfall,...

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Jourgensen Suing Over Ministry Documentary

2nd May 2011

Ministry founder Al Jourgensen is taking legal action to halt the distribution of his new rock documentary amid allegations the film's producer failed to give the rock icon approval of the final cut.Fix: The Ministry...

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Ministry Founder Jourgensen Undergoes Foot Surgery

14th December 2009

MINISTRY founder AL JOURGENSEN has reassured fans he's set for a speedy recovery following a series of foot surgeries.The producer and current RevCo rocker was shown wielding a cane in a recent video on,...

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Fascinating Fact 8064

29th September 2009

MINISTRY and REVOLTING COCKS star AL JOURGENSEN has added his name to the list of stars celebrating Christmas musically this year - the rocker is releasing a new holiday single, which will be available as...

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Heart Attack Claims Rocker Raven

22nd October 2007

LATEST: KILLING JOKE and MINISTRY bassist PAUL RAVEN has died from a heart attack. The rocker was found dead at a friend's home in Geneva, Switzerland on Saturday (20Oct07). He was 46. Raven's body was...

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Fascinating Fact 3352

5th June 2007

MINISTRY frontman AL JOURGENSON has signed rockers PRONG to his 13th Planet Records label....

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Ministry To Split After One More Album

27th May 2006

Rockers MINISTRY are set to split after recording one final album. The band, fronted by AL JOURGENSEN, has been a cult act since the early 1980s, and the singer insists it's time to quit. He...

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Gibbons Sick On Expensive Wine

5th May 2006

ZZ TOP star BILLY GIBBONS was left red-faced after guzzling a $100,000 (GBP57,000) bottle of classic wine during a recording session - and promptly throwing up. The guitarist joined pal AL JOURGENSEN to record PRUNE...

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Fascinating Fact 1458

2nd May 2006


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Jourgensen Was A Cuban Refugee

8th November 2005

Rocker AL JOURGENSEN is grateful to be an American citizen because his earliest childhood memory is leaving Cuba on one of the few overcrowded planes given permission to take-off by FIDEL CASTRO. The...

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Jourgensen's Heroin Wake-up Call

8th November 2005

MINISTRY frontman AL JOURGENSEN knew it was time to stop taking heroin when doctors amputated his toe and he came close to losing an arm. THE FALL rocker had spent all of his money...

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Church's Lover Guilty Again

13th August 2004

CHARLOTTE CHURCH's boyfriend KYLE JOHNSON is set to spend more time in court after being found guilty of driving without insurance or an MOT (MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT test) certificate yesterday (12AUG04). The 19-year-old trainee...

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