Writer/actress Mindy Kaling has adopted a healthy new diet after realising treats such as pizza and candy were sapping her energy.

The Office star admits she struggles to eat well and exercise due to her busy schedule, with her typical day starting before dawn and drawing to an end after midnight.

She tells USA Weekend, "I always wish I could be healthier. I'd love to lose 15 pounds and exercise five to seven times a week. I've recently realised that in order to keep my energy up, I had to start eating better. It's not just for weight loss. I love candy and pizza, but they actually make me very tired. I need to be alert."

Kaling is also on a mission to get the cast and crew of her show The Mindy Project in shape by making them fresh smoothies and imposing exercise breaks.

She says, "Comedy writers are some of the least healthy people in the world. The hours are crazy, and in general, it's a lot of men. The prevailing food feeling is: 'Let's eat things we weren't allowed to eat as kids.' If there's good news about the show, you get sent caramel candy apples, brownies and cookies. (We) take half-hour breaks to go outside and walk around. The work afterward is of much higher quality. We instituted Date Night once a week, where you can leave at 5pm so you can see your children or wife... (And) every morning I make sure we have this green shake mixture of vegetables, fruit and ginger available so everyone can drink it. I want them trim and alert."