There are geeky lyrics, there are very geeky lyrics, and then there are the lyrics to 'Application', Lifejackets' opening track. 'Sock-puppetry may be rampart online', begins Mimas vocalist Sn'var Albertsson, bemoaning the number of messageboard users and bloggers who sneakily respond to their own messages using different pseudonyms. As exciting opening lines to rock and roll songs go, this falls some way short of 'I am an anti-christ/I am an anarchist'. Remember when rock music used to be a visceral experience? Albertsson doesn't. 'Application' finishes with some nonsense about political blogs. The next track, 'La Moustache', addresses the possibility of getting food crumbs stuck in a moustache. These nuggets of wisdom are delivered in an attention-seeking yelp which is stranded far too high in the mix. In fact it's a testimony to the Danish trio's talent that, despite all this, Lifejackets is an enjoyable album. If you can get past the irritating lyrics, there's a lot to admire.

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