Millie Mackintosh keeps her skin glowing by juicing.

According to the former 'Made In Chelsea' star's best friend and healthy-living guru, Madeleine Shaw, the stunning brunette drinks freshly squeezed juices every day to keep her looking fit and her skin flawless.

She told the MailOnline: ''Juicing for me is a way of life. It's amazing how all of the goodness contained within a freshly made juice can fuel a workout, beat that afternoon slump or to help you sleep.

''Juices are great ways of getting a whole host of veggies into your body quickly and tastily. Many people can find it hard to digest a lot of raw veggies but this makes it much easier on the gut.''

Madeleine advises whipping up juices yourself as shop bought brands aren't as beneficial, she also adapts ingredients to the time of day to give her body an extra boost and improve her skin after the weekend.

She explained: ''Shop bought juices actually lose many of their nutrients over the course of their long shelf life due to the pasteurisation process. Plus they tend to be fruit-based making their sugar content higher.

''I love to have a juice containing beetroot with leaves to cleanse the system before the start of busy week. This has been used for decades to cleanse and support the liver.

''Monday morning means it's a fresh new start. I like to sip on a glowing greens juice for breakfast. This is loaded with silica from the cucumber, which helps the elasticity of the skin. It helps you glow even brighter thanks to the vitamin C in the pear, which fights free radicals to help keep your skin fresh all week long.''

Madeleine - who also works with Millie's former co-star Caggie Dunlop - swears by sprinkling cinnamon onto her juice for an added energy boost.

She said: '''I always make my 4pm pick-me-up juice and soon feel back to normal without having to reach for an unhealthy snack.

'This juice has a little dusting of cinnamon which is great for regulating the blood sugar levels reducing that mid-afternoon slump.''