Review of Ingrid Won't Smile Single by Milk White White Teeth

Leeds based 8 piece collective who list ten band members and say they have more in common with Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds than Arcade Fire take inspiration from cheese, Kurt Cobain and strawberry milk in varying measures to bring you their new single 'Ingrid Won't Smile'. Former Introducing debutantes at Reading & Leeds 2009 with a Maida Vale session under their considerable belts press on with a quest to "Write the perfect pop song for people who don't like pop music." (Rather like trying to make someone like Marmite then, or feeding those prone to anaphylaxis, or hypersensitivity, a bag of dry roasted!)

With a slightly skewed turn of phrase and an acute ability to create innovative harmony Milk White White Teeth chase the educated types keen on the 'Intel-Pop Genre'. Using "Lyrics chosen for aesthetics and the moods they create, as opposed to direct story telling" Jon Crabbe and Barrie Wilson, the original cofounders of the assemblage, set out the frame on which the rest of the troupe add the fabric. Richly textured, beautifully layered and never unnecessary, their sound combinations, and sometimes quirky instrument choices, add to the quality compositions.

Milk White White Teeth Ingrid Won't Smile Single

'Ingrid Won't Smile', rather strangely recalling 'Charlie Don't Surf' in its spoken meter, is the bands first release since their inclusion earlier in the year on a 'Dance To The Radio' compilation. Classified as unsigned and releasing through the pioneering Too Pure Singles Club, MWWT are set to broaden their fan base past that of their loyal Leeds homies and Huw Stephens's. The lead track pairs high keys and bass heavy percussion with fabulously summer scented horns, electro loops and folk infused vocals. The simple song structure of verse, chorus, verse shows that you don't have to be contrived to be inventive.

Whilst not quite in the same league the 'B' side, Dantes Danceteria, is still a worthy inclusion. The jagged guitars and English Interpol Indie touches take a more aggressive and angular stance whilst still working the harmonies and playing to their lyrical prowess.....

"As the lotion in the basket fills the pencil up with lead,
Well, it's a complicated emotion that you make up in your head."

Milk White White Teeth are about to embark on a select number of tour dates through July. So if you're a metal man who fancies his first musical gherkin or an emo chick wanting to try their first sonic Horlicks you may want to check out the pre-denture pop of Milk White White Teeth.

Andrew Lockwood.

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