The news that Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips are teaming up to cover a Beatles song left many wondering, how and why? Well artists just seem to love surprising us with weird collaborations, leaving us to wonder how did these acts even meet? Miley and the Flaming Lips take note, sometimes two very different artists can come together to make a little musical magic  and other times they sadly hit a bum note. Here’s five examples showing the two very different sides to odd musical collaborations.

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue met a messy end at the hands of Nick Cave on 'Where the Wild Roses Grow'

Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow'

Former Birthday Party frontman and current Bad Seed Nick Cave didn't seem like the most likley singing partner for Austrailian pop princess Kylie Minogue. But in 1995 when Cave was writing a murderous ballad based on the traditional song, 'Down in the Willow Garden', he didn't have anybody else in mind but Kylie. The song received critical acclaim and Kylie has said it's one of her favourite ever singles. Although at first look it might have seemed like a very odd choice for both artists it stands as perhaps the best unlikely collaboration of all time. The pair also teamed up to reord the song again in 2012 for Kylie's 'Abbey Road Sessions' album.

Metallica and Lou Reed 'Lulu'

This one was one of those odd ideas that was so out there it really could have worked, sadly it didn't. Metal heavy weights Metallica and Velvet Underground legend Lou Reed tried really hard to make 'Lulu' work but it just didn't happen, proving that the fan's initial reservations were correct. Perhaps Pitchfork said it best in their review when they described the record as a ‘frustratingly noble failure'.

Steven Tyler of AerosmithSteven Tyler learned to 'Walk this Way' again with Run DMC

Run DMC and Aerosmith 'Walk this Way'

Nowdays blending rap and rock is nothing new but back in 1986 it broke musical boundaries. Aersomith originally recorded the song ‘Walk this Way’ on their 1975 album 'Toys in the Attic', but over a decade later it was given a fresh new flavour when rap group Run DMC covered it and invited the Aersomith boys along again for the ride. Thanks to the songs success and the videos heavy MTV rotation it is often credited with helping rap break into the mainstream, though lets not also hold it responsible for nu-metal.

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