Here it is, the moment we’ve been awaiting for weeks now – Miley Cyrus’s video for We Can’t Stop was released yesterday (June 19). In the hours since its release, the YouTube video has racked up over 3 million views and counting – and with good reason. The 3-minute attack on your eyesight is just as fast-paced, risqué and, well, just plain weird, as you’d expect.

Check out the 'We Can’t Stop' video.

So, now that we’ve all shared that experience and are hopefully better for it, let’s discuss. There are giant bears, so that’s vaguely similar to one of Miley’s earliest videos ('Seven Things') and that’s pretty much the only common thread to be found though, and somehow we don’t think that 2008 Miley would condone this use of the teddy bears. Of, course, there’s a lot of twerking and hip shaking to be seen in 'We Can’t Stop,' but that is to be expected from a proud member of the #mctwerkteam after all.

Oh, but let’s not forget to mention the scene where someone, who may or may not be Miley, actually cuts off their fingers and, instead of blood, what comes out is Pepto-Bismol. There probably aren’t any grand lessons to be learned here (apart from the fact that Miley likes to party) but one thing is abundantly clear. Hannah Montana is dead. Long live Miley Cyrus.

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