The Oxford Online Dictionary has continued its impressive record for recognizing current trends by adding the words ‘Selfie’ and ‘Twerking’. The latter has actually been common among hip hop trends for 20 years, while the former emerged due to technological advances in phone cameras, which meant people could take high quality photos of themselves, if they were that way inclined.

Miley CyrusPlease, put that tongue away, Miley

And this change comes after Miley Cyrus exhibited some controversial Twerking at the MTV VMAs with Robin Thicke during a rendition of Blurred Lines – a song that caused havoc due to its ostentatious and sexist lyrics.

"By last year, it had generated enough currency to be added to our new words watch list, and by this spring, we had enough evidence of usage frequency in a breadth of sources to consider adding it to our dictionaries of current English," said Katherine Connor Martin from Oxford Dictionaries on the word Twerk.

"There are many theories about the origin of this word, and since it arose in oral use, we may never know the answer for sure. The current public reaction to twerking is reminiscent in some ways of how the twisting craze was regarded in the early 1960s, when it was first popularised by Chubby Checker's song, The Twist," she added, according to the BBC.

Miley CyrusSeriously?

Other words that have made it into the dictionary recently are Dappy, being silly, disorganised or lacking concentration; Digital detox, taking some tome away from sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and Vom – to be sick. Elsewhere in the world of words, the word ‘literally’ recently underwent a transformation to mean an ‘emphasis of a point’ as well as ‘exactly’ or ‘precisely’ what happened.

So there, grammar Nazis.