Miley Cyrus' new controversial 'Wrecking Ball' video breaks records for the most views in 24 hours, receiving 19 million views on Vevo.

The risqué singer broke the record that was previously held by British boys One Direction, who's single 'Best Song Ever' received 12.3 million views on its first day of release back in July.

Miley's eclipsed the previous record for a number of reasons and it is doubtful the actual single 'Wrecking Ball', is one of them.

The spectacle known as the 'wrecking ball video' sees the former Disney star mount a wrecking ball naked as well as using a sledge hammer in a provocative fashion whilst singing about heartbreak. Surely there could be easier ways to illustrate a heartbreak than using hardware tools?

'Wrecking Ball' is Miley's second single off her upcoming album 'Bangerz' which will be released sometime in October and the 20 year old took to twitter to thank her fans for her record breaking video.

The video also can only remind the public of Mileys R-rated VMA performance with Robin Thicke earlier last month during a rendition of Thicke's summer anthem 'Blurred Lines'. The Hanna Montana star 'twerked' and grinded all over Thicke and most shockingly began rubbing a foam hand on the crotch of the married man whilst wearing a tiny nude-coloured bikini.

Miley defended her performance as, we covered earlier this month, claiming she wanted to "make history". Miley may have achieved exactly what she wanted as her performance will stick in the public's minds for a long time to come, which may have caused momentum for her video to break the most viewed record. A perfectly executed plan or is it just down to nothing more than 'sex sells'.

Miley's upcoming album Bangerz will be released 8TH October 2013.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus is becoming known for her provocative behaviour