Miley Cyrus still hasn't put her clothes on, as the recently revealed cover art for her next single, 'Wrecking Ball,' has shown. The attention-loving former Disney starlet has kept things skimpy for the cover of her follow-up to 'We Can't Stop,' which features Miley on top of a wrecking ball, wearing boot, panties and a short top. Censor probably prevented her from wearing less.

Miley Cyrus VMAs
Miley doing her best 'Cynthia from Rugrats' impression at the VMAs

Miley unveiled the cover for her next single via her Twitter account on Thursday (5 Sept.) with the hashtag-only caption of "#WreckingBall #comingMonday #VEVO." Judging by the vague accompanying message, we'll assume that the video for 'Wrecking Ball' will be uploaded to her Vevo account on Monday, 9 September, or at least a lyrics video will be made available then. That's right all you twerkers and tongue-sticking-out-ers, Miley's next single will be out once the weekend is over.

If the video is anything like her 'We Can't Stop' video then we can expect to see some more bizarre, semi-dressed antics from Miley and her cronies, which will no doubt keep her name in the gossip columns for a few more weeks. If it's anything like her recent MTV VMA performance, then we can expect something even more bizarre and with even less clothing, and if Miley has decided to go one further than all her other recent antics, then Monday might be the day when the Miley Cyrus sex tape is finally released.

'Wrecking Ball' is the second single from Miley's upcoming album Bangerz. The hilariously titled album is expected to be released on 4 October.

Miley Cyrus
Who knows, maybe Miley will go a little tamer on her next single