Miley Cyrus has made no secret of her adoration and frequent use of marijuana, so a public declaration of her green fingers via Twitter isn't exactly new news. But linking Justin Bieber in there with a snazzy new t-shirt design - hold the presses for a few minutes now because things just got interesting again.

On Monday, 7 October, the 'Wrecking Ball' singer updated her Twitter feed with a photo of herself wearing a black, sleeveless t-shirt with the words 'Reefer Fever' posted around a picture of Justin's head. Bieber also has a joint shopped into his mouth on the shirt and Miley, of course, has her tongue sticking out in the photo. The play on 'Bieber Fever' was also tweeted at Bieber, along with the caption "FO LIFE."

Miley has discussed her appreciation of marijuana in past interviews and most recently told Rolling Stone how she prefers the naturally occurring drug to cocaine, which she said was "gross."

Miley isn't alone in the ganja-smoking department either, as Bieber himself is also thought to be a bit of a pot head too, but unlike Miley he doesn't feel as though his career is ready to support an open acceptance of drug-use. As initially reported by TMZ earlier this week, Justin was spotted with what looks like dope whilst at a house party, and whilst also sat next to a woman who looks a lot like Arianna Grande. He has yet to comment on the latest pictures.

Of course, with Miley and Justin now both single, their Twitter chatter is also being construed as flirting, and already there are rumours going around that the pair are dating. Of course, these are only rumours, for now...

Miley Cyrus
Cyrus like to live by Nate Dogg's mantra of "smoke weed erry day"

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Could Justin and Miley be dating?